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What are Gem Stones

Gem Stones are items that can be put on Weapons/Armor to improve their stats. If a piece of gear can take a gem stone, it will have an "empty gem socket" in the description of the gear. Not all gem stones are compatible with all weapons/armor. There are different types of gems (displayed further down). For example, a weapon may have an Ice Gem Socket. This weapon would require an Ice Gem Stone in order to work. Each Gem Type has different themes and abilities. To place a gem on a piece of gear, open your inventory, and pick up the gem (with your mouse or controller) and phycially place the gem on the piece of gear, dropping the gem on the same inventory slot as the gear. All gems have a success rate, meaning there is a chance the gem will be placed on the gear. If the gem succeeds, it will bind the that piece of gear, if it fails, the gem breaks and is not placed on the gear. Read gem descriptions for informaiton on what additions they provide. For example, a gem with "Reduced Fire Damage" will reduce the amount of fire damage you take when wearing that piece of gear WITH the gem applied. The gem MUST be applied for the stat to be active!

Gem Types

  • Air
  • Fire (EX: Nature's Gift)
  • Ice (EX: Gem of Accuracy)
  • Earth (EX: Weapon Hardener)
  • Cosmic

Gemstone Removers

Gemstone Removers can be found from mob drops, in loot, rewards from activities, and sold from a vendor in the Wasteland. Gemstone removers will remove a random gem stone from an item when placed on it inside your inventory. The removed gem stone will be given back for you to place on any other item.