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The TraizelCraft Leveling System is an Easy to Learn, Hard to Master system. Players start out as a Level 1 Human. They can choose their Class via /class or /c in game. There are 7 Classes to choose from. To learn more about classes, visit the classes page. Each level requires exp to level up. NOTE: Class Exp is NOT the same as vanilla Minecraft XP! Your Class Exp is earned through killing mobs, completing activities, and collecting loot. Higher Levels require more Exp to level up, and lower levels require less. Go to the Exp Curve further down this page to see the exp required for each level.

Ranked Zones

Zones are a major part of TraizelCraft, they are sections of the map that have a unique theme with different activities to play, loot to find, mobs to fight, and more! Not all zones are available right away, most zones require a certain level to unlock. Higher ranked zones provide more powerful gear, better rewards in actives, and harder mobs.

Zones List

  • Ironland --- Level 1
  • Wasteland --- Level 5
  • Oasis --- Level 10
  • Gold City --- Level 20
  • Tarzania --- Level 35
  • Emerald Land --- Level 50
  • Diamond City --- Level 75

Leveled Items

Items grow with your level. On most items, weapons, and armor, you will see a "Required Level" on it. Higher leveled items are going to be naturally higher in stats, dealing more damage, blocking more incoming damage, parrying more, and more! Higher ranked Zones also provide weapons with special abilities that cant be found anywhere else!

Exp Curve

Each line is how much Exp is required to level up to the NEXT level! For Example, 1. 50 means at level 1, you need 50 Exp to go to level 2, at 7. 750 you need 750 Exp at level 7 to get to level 8.

  1. 50
  2. 100
  3. 150
  4. 200
  5. 250
  6. 300
  7. 350
  8. 400
  9. 450
  10. 500
  11. 550
  12. 600
  13. 650
  14. 700
  15. 750
  16. 800
  17. 850
  18. 900
  19. 950
  20. 1000