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World Scaling

Each mob in TraizelCraft has a set level that gives them increased armor, damage, and health. There is a world scaling mechanic in TraizelCraft where, the further you are from spawn, the higher level mobs you will find. World scaling is different for each world:


Dystopia (Overworld)- 25 blocks per level
Omanic (Nether)- 10 blocks per level
Nexus (End)- 6 blocks per level


Jukes (Overworld)- 100 blocks per level
Sora (Nether)- 100 blocks per level
XC1 (End)- 50 blocks per level

Leveled Drops

Different levels of mobs will drop different loot. There are 3 tiers of loot that mobs can drop, each with set items and rewards that the tier.

Tier 1 --- Level 1-19 Mobs

Tier 2 --- Level 20-39 Mobs

Tier 3 --- Level 40+ Mobs

This mechanic combined with World scaling implies that the further out you go from spawn, the harder mobs will become, but the loot will become much better!