Solomon Traizel


Solomon Traizel was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 18, 2019. Throughout Solomon's childhood, he always had big dreams of becoming a great leader, and wanted to get into politics or the military to hopefully achieve his dream.

When Solomon graduated high school in the year 2037, he immediately enlisted in the army and began rising through the ranks. The generals around him were amazed by his motivation and determination to learn.

By the year 2046, Solomon Traizel was already one of the top Generals of the US Army, due to his extreme charisma and talent. He continued to chase the ladder, and by the year 2051, he was one of the top leaders in the entire US Military.

During the 2050's, the US Collapsed in the attempt to expand their territory to Canada and Mexico, and Solomon Traizel began scheming a plan to retake the land after the US fully crumbled.

After the US was in ruins, and the land was for the taking, Traizel along with several other left over leaders of the US brought together a new nation called Dystopia in the late 2050's and early 2060's.

During the golden age, or the time after Dystopia rose up and was prosperous, Traizel put a lot of the countries resources and time into research and technology. He believed that there was ways to expand here on earth, without reaching beyond the planet. Over time, Traizel developed an extremely advanced nation, far more technologically advanced than any other country in the late 21st century.

Soon, near the end of the golden age, Traizel pushed for the development of an  AI, that eventually led to the Great Cursed War in 2072. Traizel in his later years held down Dystopia during the Great Cursed War and the Second Coming War, where the TCMS Prison, where the Anti was held, was breached by the followers from DarkReach, to try and free the Anti.

Eventually Traizel became old and running the nation became a difficult task. He gave his throne to Shiza, his right hand, after the Second Coming War, because his age was starting to show.

Solomon Traizel passed away peacefully on September 24, 2115 at the age of 96 in his own bed in Dystopia. There was a massive memorial served by Shiza to commemorate the great work Traizel had done in his life. Shiza swore to uphold the duties of King of Dystopia, and to defend against the Anti and any other threats that would appear later on.

Physical Description

Solomon Traizel was a white male with brown hair and brown eyes. He was 5'10" and had a bulky build. Traizel during his older years had more white hair and his skin became more wrinkly. He always wore clothing matching the colors of the Dystopian Flag: Red, Yellow, and Purple. His Crown he wore every day was golden with red and purple gems around it.

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