Tri Tronti



Tri Tronti is the main character during the Vanish Era. Tri was born on Planet Corona in the year 2380 during the Gleaning Era. Tri grew up with his mother Heather Tronti and his father Kris Tronti. He had one sister named Sicilia Tronti. His family was rather wealthy and Tri’s father was the owner of a major company called Venture Inc. Tri for most of his early to later adult life worked at the Study of Time Blvd. that was a branch of his fathers company. Tri was one of the many victims of the Gleaning. Tri’s was affected by the gleaning in the year 2407, and his task was to stay in a carbon freeze until a future when Time Travel was more stable and capable of use. Tri was put to sleep for almost 600 years, until the year 3001, when Tri was awoken. Tri is the second wielder of The Traveler, which he used to take down the Anti and Darkness in the year 4379.

Physical Description

Tri is a male human with blonde hair and blue eyes. His race is white and origins is mostly Omanic and Dystopian. Tri is 6’0” and weighs 212 lbs. He has a built form, and likes to workout at his personal gym occasionally. Tri usually wears a polo and jeans to work and likes a more lose fit tshirt and shorts for a causal look.

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